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👩🏻‍💻 From: Tarla Makaeff
🌴 Los Angeles, California

Hey beauty! 💗

No one wants that cried off makeup look, but what's a girl to do when she's frustrated and overwhelmed by online entrepreneurship?

You spend Saturday nights sobbing into your Pinot Grigio because you can’t figure out how to create a profitable online business.

I've totally been there. So as to avoid you wasting more wine or eating chocolate anything for days on end, I'm gonna share something with you.

If you’d like to market your new or existing entrepreneurial endeavor, whether brick-and-mortar or 100% virtual without the tears, this is THE book you’ve been waiting for.

But First, If You Don't Know Me From Your Social Newsfeed Or My Hometown Of La La Land...

Hi! I'm Tarla (but you can call me T) - dog mama to my puggles Bentley and Jaden, beach addict, gnocchi connoisseur...

...And also author, digital course creator, and online entrepreneurship coach for creative fempreneurs.

I believe I was put on this planet to help heart-centered women who want to serve others, share their gifts with the world, and get paid for them.

Prior to coming online, I was a successful copywriter for 13 years. 

The transition from $55k a year marketing agency copywriter to $325k a year freelance copywriter was relatively effortless. I didn't know the meaning of the "entrepreneurial struggle." 

Coming online though, omg! Finally, I understood how the #thestruggleisreal. But I still had to keep moving forward in my quest for total lifestyle freedom.

I was stunned by how much there was to know and realized no one was teaching it all, comprehensively in one place. 

What's more, I saw so many boss babes like me with incredible talents and skills to share with the world also not able to get to the next level online.  

Once I was able to crack the "secret code" my passion became helping badass women like you create an online business that earns them money, freedom, and fulfillment.

So of course, I had to create a path to help you do that...

See, like I mentioned...

I Was Just Like You When I Started Online.

While I came from the offline world as a professional copywriter, shhh, can I tell you a secret? I didn’t know much about social media. 

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. The writing I did was direct mail for businesses. It was traditional old-school marketing that had really nothing to do with modern-day online marketing. 

So you might think my marketing background would have made it easier for me to begin online, but it didn’t.

In fact, at first, I failed. Miserably. Like a bad version of a shopping channel.

I was taught to spam people by dropping links everywhere, talking about products ad nauseam on my social media profiles, and inboxing unsuspecting victims. Just kidding...I wish.

Yes, let’s call it like it is. I was NOT killing it, except for maybe the cool vibe that legit did not exist anywhere on my profiles. Social media was not my marketing BFF. 

But...I was “marketing” the WRONG way. 

And the sad, soul-sucking part? 

I STILL see it every single freakin’ day, girlfran.’ 

There are still droves of unbelievably talented women who don’t understand how to market online.

After embarrassing myself in front of friends on social media for nearly 9 months, I finally got the training I had so desperately needed...all sans the spam! 

And that's where the magic happened.

Just 16 months after that, I was able to amass over 120,000 followers and subscribers across social media and email.

I went from…

4 Facebook personal profile follows to 4,800.
A non-existent FB page to 83,000 follows.
No Instagram followers to 16,000.
1,000 Pinterest monthly views to tens of thousands.

I unlocked the secret to gaining people’s attention and (hint) it didn’t include pitching them like the annoying AF guy who won’t leave you alone ‘til you go out with him.

I discovered how to attract people to me and it was a pretty awesome feeling (not to mention, waaayyy easier).

That’s the pure gold of social media used the right way.

And today this exposure has allowed me to concentrate my efforts where I choose: on my growing email list - so I don't have to spend much time on social media.

But my story actually started many years before this. There was a desire in my heart for magical things to happen one day in my life.

You see...

I Was Also Just Like You When I Was A Little Girl.

I had hopes, wishes, and dreams too.

You know deep down in your heart you had your own dreams, and they didn’t involve building someone else’s empire.

What were they, love? How were you going to change the world?

I was painfully shy yet a natural born entertainer and always felt I had a voice that that was meant to be used. 

I just had no idea I'd be on live video as an online entrepreneur instead of live TV as a news broadcaster - but given there was no Internet at the time, I was pretty spot on. 

Here I am today "reporting the news" of how to monetize social media and living that little girl's dreams.

But are you living yours? Because it's never too late, and forever is far too long to wait. You have a voice - one that was meant to be heard.

Ready to bring home the prosciutto and make that little girl proud? Let's go!
Exactly What's Inside The Book

First of all, this is dramatically different than anything you’ve ever come across. This book is something I’m incredibly proud of. I’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere.

I’m literally taking you step-by-step through everything you need to know in your first month online that I wish someone - ANYONE - had told me. 

I’m sharing with you the same proven tactics I have used to grow my own online empire with no diamond-encrusted BS, just clear-cut action steps with your virtual BFF (moi).

That's why my blueprint doesn't start with social media, but instead ends with it. It preps you so when you build a following you can immediately take advantage of it instead of wasting months or years not monetizing it. 

Knowing the end game in your first month will literally put you ahead of 99.9% of the newbies coming online so you can slay the month away and enjoy your FIRST big win quickly instead of thinking "why the heck do I even bother?" (asked 78 lattes later).

And it’s a total binge-worthy weekend read. At 139 pages, you can read it in a day lounging on your couch, top knot, yoga pants and all.

This is the entire system I personally used to launch my business into a full-time career in 2 years. But it would have been only months had I discovered all of this information much sooner and not had to piece it together myself. 

This is your golden ticket to an online business, written with love.

And I want you to know that this is…
For Any Type 
Of Business
You can use the same system in this book to launch any type of business, products, or service on the Internet. I got you, babe! This book is for you...

1. If you’re an online newbie and DON’T yet have a business
- You’re unsure of how you can profit using just social media, the Internet, and your laptop and phone
- You’re frozen, not knowing how to even get started 
- You’re not sure how you’ll find your topic, your audience, and differentiate yourself online

2. If you’re an online entrepreneur, DO have a business, and still are looking to find the path and monetize

- You've made all the mistakes and are ready for a step-by-step plan to find your unique business idea and voice
- You want to say buh-bye to crickets and hello to raving fans
- You're feeling stuck and need to get back on track with a tailored blueprint

3. If you're a professional with a 9-5 job and DON'T have any online entrepreneurship experience...

- You're tired of trading time for money and answering to a boss you hate (shhh..I won't tell them)
- You're over building someone else's dream while working overtime (unpaid) to do it, without job security 
- You no longer want to worry about economic declines impacting your income and instead spend time doing the things you love like traveling

4. If you're a brick and mortar or mobile business owner who ISN'T yet on the Internet...

- You want to expose your product/service to a larger audience online
- You're unsure of how to pivot to a virtual business
- You want to build a steady stream of customers online so your business is not affected during economic downturns

This book will help you no matter what type of business you want to promote online, I pinkie promise.
Here’s Just A Small Sneak Peek of What You’re Getting
  • The stunning SUPERPOWER you already have that can magnetize thousands and maybe even millions of people to you. Page 118.
  • Why it’s a serious mistake to rely only on social media to profit from the Internet and the UNBELIEVABLE approach to BUILDING A SOLID BUSINESS that has nothing to do with social media. (Finally, yaaass!) Page 11.
  • How to sell online with NO product creation, NO customer support, and NO company management. Page 52.
  • The BEST-KEPT Hollywood secret you can use that ensures you make a name for yourself online that stands the test of time. Page 18.
  • The copywriting trigger that causes people to buy with total abandon. Page 77.
  • The ONE THING you could offer right now with your existing skills and get paid for online. Page 58.
  • The SHOCKING and CONTROVERSIAL topics to weave into your brand persona that reality stars have brought to the forefront and that you have to read to believe. Page 28.
  • The REAL reason you are not finding customers and why you WANT to have haters online. Page 19.
  • The fastest way to create content that all top influencers use. Page 101.
  • The masterful 3-part screenwriting formula you can use every time to quickly create your online stories. Page 32.
  • The SINGLE BEST WAY to automate your business (while lounging on the couch watching your fav reality shows). Page 71.
  • The compelling reason why your live videos should include MISTAKES and how the end result will surprise you. Page 129.
  • The revenue model that has the greatest potential to be an instant money maker to the tune of six figures. Page 59.
  • Why you must do this ONE THING in your branding or risk losing future sales. Page 26.
  • The asset you need to master or watch your dream customer bounce - right off the page (and into a TV show binge, Paleo dinner prep, or oatmeal honey facial ritual). Page 76.
  • What you should NEVER skip when selecting a niche. The #1 newbie mistake to avoid. Page 15.
  • My 2 simple methods to find your ideal customer so your content is sure to REALLY speak to them and they become raving fans. Page 20.
  • Model my manifesting technique that allowed me to manifest a multiple six figure a year copywriting career easily and effortlessly - for your own entrepreneurial success online. Page 122.
  • The surprising way to monetize your blog posts no one talks about. Page 49.
  • Steal all the tools I used to build my entire online business in my Complete Online Resource List. Page 133.
4 Exclusive Bonuses, Designed for Boss Babes
Included at the end of this book are 4 exclusive bonuses that you can start using immediately:

Bonus 1: Style Your Thoughts With Mindset + Manifestation Training, The KEY To Your Success - ($77 Value)

Learn my powerful mindset and manifestation life hack for an online business that allowed me to manifest a multiple six figure a year copywriting career (from $55k to $325k per year) as simply as magic...Ta-da! 

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Content Creation Designer Checklist - 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece Of Content - ($27 Value)

If you've questioned what to post online or whether you should post certain content on your social media, blog, or Web site, I've got you! These questions will make content creation easy peasey, every time, so you can show up, buttercup.

Bonus 3: The Decisive Guide To Mastering Live Video - ($77 Value)

If your voice shakes just even thinking about doing a live video, this has your name on it. My mini bonus guide will take you from blah to OH YEAH in no time and have you dusting that gold stardust off your shoulders!

Bonus 4: The Complete Online Marketing Resource List - ($107 Value)

Get access to all of the top-in-class tools, tech, and platforms I personally have used (and continue to use) to grow my online business that has been the secret sauce of my full-time career. 

Total Value Of Four Boss Babe Bonuses: $288

As Seen In...

What The Media Is Saying
About Tarla Makaeff...
"Tarla Makaeff is the newest success story, turning heartbreak and loss into triumph. Now, she empowers women to succeed in the online business space."
LA Weekly
"Tarla is focused on helping people elevate their online careers. She equips them with how to write copy that converts, how to start an online business, how to practice self-love for the ultimate business mindset, and how to create their own online courses."
New York Weekly
"I loved reading this book and learned so much from it. It's a quick, easy read filled with a ton of golden nuggets."

- Sheri Holtzman Tapia

"Read the first 40 pages. Started week 1. Luv luv luv the book thus far. So easy to understand 💜💜🙏🙏"

- Christy Logan Abramovitch

"I really am sooo thankful I came across you on social media; I needed someone to help guide me through this social media madness as it can swallow you up if you don't know the right strategies and techniques to help you navigate it. Not only are you amazingly business/social media savvy but you are wicked SMART!!"

- Kimberly LaBonte

"Your book ❤️ was so inspirational to me."

- Dianna Sandora

"Love all of your info + all your incredible experience you share. Thank you for all you do, you're AMAZING 😘"

- Tonya Collett Collins

"I read the first chapter, and loved it."

- Jenny Gunville

"Definitely recommend everyone to utilize your advice and information!! You're one of the best I've come across 🙌  Appreciate your transparency 😉❤️"

- Jennifer Bossert

"I love the book."

- Tiffany Valente LaMonica
Now that you know exactly what's in the book...

I Want To Be As Clear As Your Artesian Bottled Water.
Online entrepreneurship is not full of the unicorns, lollipops, and rainbows those many peeps are promoting. You know, the ones who promise you riches for nothing more than 5 minutes of work. 

No, girlfran’, noooo. Do not buy that the way you'd buy that designer handbag. There is no such thing as instant gratification online. You will never be successful not doing the work, no matter what anyone tells you. Darn!

Instead, what I share in my book is the real deal with the complete no holds barred truth of what it takes to actually succeed online, and I'm leaving nothing out. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

The online entrepreneurship system I outline in this book is the exact path I used to create my full-time online career, and I’m positive it has the power to help you, too - IF you actually use it.

But I’m not guaranteeing that reading it will make you the Next Top Online Entrepreneur overnight because if I did I would lying to you…

In fact, I cannot honestly say how successful you will be. And I have no way of knowing if you'll even follow my directions and do the work. Yeah, I don't have a crystal ball unfortunately.

The raw, real, and uncomfortable truth is… the only person that can make you be successful… Is YOU. 

You have to believe in making sacrifices now and mastering long term thinking to enjoy the serious rewards later otherwise you'll be chasing shiny object after shiny object forever.

'Cause no pain, no champagne.

With that said… if you are willing to roll up those statement sleeves, let's jump right in…

Ready To Build Your Own Brag-Worthy Online Business?

All the knowledge I'm sharing in this book is valued at $777. And yeah, I know what you're thinking "come on, girl, it's just a book!" 

But it's so much more. You see, this book was actually going to be a course and still could be if I just changed the format. That's how comprehensive it is with 4 chapters, 13 lessons, 4 bonuses, and weekly self-paced assignments. 

I'd bet a year of mani-pedis you'll be shocked at how much I disclose when you go through the book - that's how confident I am in the value of what I'm offering. Nowhere else will you find all of this information in one place. Nowhere.

The awesome news is you can get this 139 page book now as an instant download for less than the price of avocado toast 🥑 - just $7 (normally $47) - and be reading it within minutes.
After you order the book, you'll get an email containing a link to download the book directly and you can access it anytime or anywhere, but I suggest right away with a glass of Rosé.

What's The Catch?
If you're wondering why I'm practically giving away all this knowledge and offering a limited time 85% savings, I actually debated doing this because as I mentioned...

I know this information is worth at least 10 times the price (and, in actuality, much much more). 

And I almost made it into a digital course.

AND more than a few peers told me I was cray to do this.

In fact, I thought I had lost my mind when I decided on it being a book; it was never my intention. 🤯

But it's for a few reasons...

First, I want ANY boss babe to be able to have access to this information so they have NO excuses  - and so that they can get busy, hustle like crazy,  and build an empire. I'm virtually eliminating any barriers so any woman across the globe can live out her dreams and her best life.

Second, I don't want to attract anyone who isn't serious about success or can't think long term enough to even invest a few dollars in themselves instead of the latest designer clothes.

Third, I genuinely want to help other women avoid the months of stress, overwhelm, and wasted tubes of mascara (I cried it all away) it caused me not to have this same information from day 1. I can't get that time back, but I can serve others who still can and get this into the hands of many boss babes around the world as possible. 

Lastly, I'm hoping you'll love it, see the incredible value firsthand, and want to continue to be virtual besties so I can bring you more amazing business books and courses in the future and help your business grow to new levels.

If You're Thinking About Waiting...

The bottom line is...I'm not sure I'll continue to offer this book for long. 


There's no denying that at $7 it will cost me more in advertising than I will make back. I'm testing how this book sells so currently, this is a limited time offer. 

Don't have FOMO. Click the button below, and download your copy now.


My Promise To You
I am certain that you'll LOVE this book.
Let me tell you why.

 I invite you to use these proven techniques (proud hair toss) and watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be amazed. I wrote this book after YEARS of studying marketing strategies copywriting for household names to then testing social media principles online.

This book isn’t just about having online success (though you can certainly use it for that). It’s about truly understanding how to reach your ideal client and build a life and business you adore. And if I can help you get new clients or even have more time to go to brunch with the girls, I consider it a win.

You have so much to gain.

**All Sales Are Final**
Secure payments through Stripe
Claim Your Copy 
85% Savings 
(normally $47)!
**All Sales Are Final**
Secure payments through Stripe

What if I have no experience online?

This book will help you get started today as an online entrepreneur without already having any knowledge or anything to sell online (NO product required, rien!). 

Will this work for my business? 

If you sell a product or service in ANY field (blogger, copywriter, health and wellness coach, interior designer, event planner, stylist, yoga instructor, or makeup artist etc.), and want to get more clients and make more sales… this book is for you.

What makes this book different than any others?

This is not like those books that tell you bits and pieces you are still piecing together months later. Or ones that only cover their "promises" in vague detail (the same way your bestie is vague about her latest date). It is a full online business roadmap.

What can I expect from this book? 

I literally explain everything you need to know from day 1 to monetization and everything in between. After reading it, you will know exactly how to profit on the Internet. And after completing each week's assignments, you will have the foundation of your online business set up within just 1 month.

How long will it take to get access to the book?

The book with the four bonuses is available right upon purchase so you can go through it as you like.

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and receive access to the book *dancing girl emoji*

And your purchase receipt (for your record keeping) will be sent to the email address you provide.

Is there a catch?

There is none. This is a one time payment of $7. There's nothing hidden in the fine print where you'll be subject to ongoing fees. No one will be calling you to buy anything else. It's like any other book you'd buy; it's just digital so you can enjoy it in minutes 'cause we're living in a digital world after all. And, of course, this is my way of putting my best stiletto forward hoping this will be the start of an amazing relationship for years to come.

I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to read the book? 

When you read it is up to you; you'll have your copy forever. Just know that the more time you wait to get started or jump from shiny object to shiny object, the more time - and momentum - you lose. But the more time you work with a "somebody stop me" focus, the more that time compounds and the more rapidly your results and income can unfold.

What is your refund policy? 

I feel confident you will get so much value out of this book that you’ll love it. 

That said, this book is part of The Secret Vault. These are the classics and the vintage from my marketing achive. If you know, you know...

These are programs that I created over the years, during my Copy Queen days, that I'm often asked about. As my focus has shifted from marketing to self development, I no longer promote, update, or actively support these programs.

That means that **all sales are final.**

However, the marketing knowledge contained within them is timeless. 

For any assistance during enrolling, email

Can you guarantee specific results? 

I believe deeply in my book. But you can't leave the heavy-lifting to me, a book, a course, a webinar, or anyone else or anything else. You cannot search outside of yourself. You have to search within yourself.  So, if you can’t understand that all success entails risk despite consistent and massive effort and action (and that there are no guarantees of results or income), then please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK. 

Do you have any other questions not covered here?

Email for a reply.

This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before It's Gone! 

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and I can't wait to hear how much you love the book!

💖 Tarla Makaeff

P.S. - In case, you read to the end - hey, I look up how my reality show seasons end in advance so I get it -  here's the (sea salt caramel gelato) scoop:

I’m offering you a 139 page book that gives you the step-by-step plan to start and grow your dream business online.

The book is $7.

You’re also getting 4 exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1: Style Your Thoughts With Mindset + Manifestation Training, The KEY To Your Success 

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Content Creation Designer Checklist: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Piece Of Content 

Bonus 3: The Decisive Guide To Mastering Live Video 

Bonus 4: The Complete Online Marketing Resource List

This is a very limited offer because it’s a marketing test.

There’s no catch, no trial, no hidden fees or anything like that.

So click the button below and get your copy now. You'll have no regrets. 👇🏼

Get Instant Access 
Now For Only $7 
**All Sales Are Final**
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P.P.S. - Omg, girl, you're just like me skipping to the very bottom of the page 😉 So here are the short and sweet deets... for just $7 (normally $47), you're getting my 139 page digital book including 4 bonuses. It's THE step-by-step blueprint to create your online business in just 1 month. 
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